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OrangeTree Global is Eastern India’s first organisation to specifically focus only on Business Analytics and Business Intelligence. We started off over 8 years back at a time when awareness about the Analytics Industry, Business Intelligence and potential in the field was low. We seen most of our time educating and making people understand how skills in specific BI Tools like SAS and later R would help them in companies across India focussing on Analytics. The organisation established itself under the guidance and direction of Subhra and Priyadarshini, 2 first generation entrepreneurs who were committed in providing Analytics and Knowledge and Education at affordable prices for all. “Kolkata proved to be a great place to start thanks to the intellectual mindset and culture” says Priyadarshini. “And as awareness grew, so did our training portfolio”.

We initially started with Base SAS, SAS SQL, SAS Macro and Analytical Techniques used on SAS. We designed the program based on feed back of companies like HSBC Analytics, Genpact, Accenture. As time went on VBA began to play a crucial role in Analytics. It also began to act like a bridge of companies who were handling large data but were not typically data Analytics companies. Leading Banks, FMCG Companies and even one of the country’s largest Film Distributors enrolled for corporate trainings in Excel and VBA. These companies had benefitted greatly from our services and continue to upgrade the staff periodically. IBM SPSS Training started to prove crucial to a lot of organisation specialising in Market Research. We added these programs after a year.

Analytics has undergone a revolutionary change thanks to the introduction of R. Most of 2015 has been dominated by corporate training in R and R Analytics. We personally feel that given the trend of our trainings and demand in the Industry R has truly revolutionised Analytics. Sentiment Analysis, Text Mining have open doors for Organisation as crucial as Ali Baba shouting “Open Sesame” . We are currently India’s leading Corporate Trainers in R.

We launched Data Visualisation in Tableau mid 2015. Once again the first in Eastern India and the 2nd in the country to do so.

OrangeTree Global is what it is because of its people and students. We are a dedicated team whose sole purpose and journey is to provide an award winning Analytics Training Experience. 70% of our time is dedicated in Research and Development of Content. “Knowledge is not cut copy paste” says Subhra Bishnu. “While there are plenty of smaller organisations across India, the bigger challenge they face are the ability to provide content which they themselves have developed and that too in consultation with the industry. Copying will only get you so far”

Today due to the growing demand across India OrangeTree Global has centres across major metros and is in the process of establishing a global footprint. Analytics is here to stay. Our programs and education will ensure that professionals can stay ahead.

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